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Patent referrals from a licensed patent attorney!

Make your idea real with
a prototype model!
A digital showcase
for your idea!

Patent referrals from a licensed patent attorney!

Make your idea real with
a prototype model!

A digital showcase
for your idea!

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Invention Website

In the modern age of invention services, a website can take your invention’s marketing efforts to the next level.

Your Invention Website will host your invention’s written description, imagery, and more. You can also incorporate additional services from 123invent including the Virtual Invention Presentation. If you ever need to make changes to your website, you will have access to make edits via your own personal login.

Prototype Model

Visualizing your invention idea may come naturally, but it can be difficult to explain to others exactly how it looks in your mind. A prototype model is a scaled-down version of your idea that can convey the look of your idea.

A prototype model from 123invent is designed and 3D-printed by our team of animators and operators. Your prototype model serves as a physical representation of your invention’s design concept.

Virtual Invention

Our in-house animators will create an animated video highlighting the main function or use of your invention, featuring a professional rendering of your idea.

The Virtual Invention Presentation, or VIP, serves as a representation of your invention’s use and function. You will receive a digital copy of your VIP to share as you see fit.

Technical Drawing

Manufacturers utilize Technical Drawings in order to estimate production costs, visualize your idea’s function, and determine product materials. If you purchase a Technical Drawing from 123invent, a team of professionals will prepare this drawing for your idea.

This 2D representation of your idea uses detailed lines, dimensions, and text to convey the overall manufacturability of your idea and can help you appeal to manufacturers.

Patent Referral

Although 123invent offers no patent advice, we can refer you to a patent attorney who will perform a Preliminary Patent Search and Opinion in order to give their professional opinion on whether or not it is possible to apply for a patent.

If you wish to proceed, this patent attorney will prepare and file a provisional and/or nonprovisional patent application for your invention.

New Product Brochure

As an inventor, have you rehearsed an elevator pitch on the basics of your invention idea? What if you had a brochure that does the work of an elevator pitch for you?

Why rely on words to summarize your idea when you can use imagery, written descriptions, and status updates that include patent-pending, website availability, and more? A New Product Brochure from 123invent helps companies, peers, and loved ones understand your idea.

Digital Business Card

123invent offers an NFC card that you can use to show people your Invention Website. Think of it as a digital business card for your invention idea.

With this card in your wallet, you can take it out and tap a person’s smartphone to take them straight to your Invention Website so they can see your idea’s features and benefits directly on their smartphone or tablet.

Press Release

123invent can prepare a publicity release announcing the availability of your invention idea without disclosing its working details. The publicity release is submitted through an online publicity distribution service.

Our Press Release service can gain publicity for your idea through distribution to online media, traditional media, and trade-specific publications, in the form of a news article.

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