We're in the business of helping inventors.

About Us

A New Approach to Invention Services

The founders of 123invent have been in the invention industry for a combined total of over 80 years. This experience has led to the refinement and perfection of our invention services. Our mission is to help inventors receive the right invention services they need to keep their journey moving forward, while providing them with the professional tools they need to help showcase their idea to the world.

Why Choose 123invent?


Our onboarding process includes a confidentiality agreement stating that we won’t disclose your invention details to anyone.

Flat-Fee Pricing

Whether you’re seeking patent help or getting a prototype model, you can always count on us to be upfront about our flat-fee pricing structure.


Our founders have over 80 years of combined experience in the invention business and have learned a lot about helping inventors.

Here to Help

Even the most independent inventor sometimes needs a bit of help and guidance. We are ready to assist you in your invention journey.